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Memoir-style essays / short-stories from my life (Paid & free posts)

To the US Customs and Border agent. To the US Customs and Border agent who badgered me. To the US Customs and Border agent who badgered me on the day my…
It was a sports massage therapist who told me there was a name for the particulars of my body. I was twenty-five, used to seeing massage therapists who…
Let’s say you want to go to a restaurant… You might ask friends for recommendations, or maybe you already know exactly where you want to go. Depending…
A story about the sounds of a silent meditation retreat
The following piece was written during a class by memoirist and athlete, Emily Rapp Black called ‘Reading and Writing Disability’. The prompt for this…
Part 1: In 2019 I read over a hundred books. The year prior my count was eighty-five. This number has been increasing steadily for years, but always…
an encounter with racism in a dharma community
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