Nothing to Protect

A totally raw collection of one humans writing. Includes unedited journal-style posts, stuff that came out of writing prompts from writing classes, and general musings (Paid subscribers only)

A celebration of coming out (again and again), found family, and queer & trans joy and liberation!
Summer 2022 Subscriber and patron update post
*white cis women, probably straight, but all of us white queer AFAB folks could benefit from this too...
A spontaneously written reflection in the midst of an International move
Two things about this post. Because this is the first time I’m posting something to Nothing to Protect since setting up my blog over here on Substack, I…
Standing on a street corner, enjoying the warmth of a spring day as I wait for the light to change so I can cross, I become aware of a voice cutting…
I am unnerved this morning, rattled. There was a notification of a response to the ‘Ask Me Anything’ I have switched on on my Tumblr account (my stealth…
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