I am notoriously bad about not giving up on books that I really should. But then again, I'm also notoriously bad about finding the time to stray outside a pretty narrow slice of SFF. These days I am reading more for comfort than for learning.

Last year I ended up re-reading a lot to de-stress. Strangely, I picked up Fevered Star by Rebecca Roanhorse twice last year and just couldn't get into it. I even re-read Black Sun, the first in the series. I'm blaming myself, though, not the book. 😊

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I can see Fevered Star being a challenge if you're already feeling stressed. It's not exactly a soothing read! And the pacing is very different to Black Sun.

Weirdly, if the setting is fantasy enough, similarities to our present-day reality don't bother me so much. Fevered Star = fine for me as escapism. The School For Good Mothers = Way Too Close to Reality.

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There's something about taking in new information when I get stressed that's tough, and while the same characters are in Fevered Star, they are in wildly different situations than the first book, and that was enough to feel like Too Much.

I've never heard of The School For Good Mothers, but a Google search shows a little preview of Amazon ratings and there's this: The School for Good Mothers, by Jessamine Chan, is a GUT-PUNCH to everyone who may be “looking away” from how authoritarian our society/government ...

So wow, yeah, GUT-PUNCH and escapism don't seem like a great mix. 😅 I'm glad you put it down for Sanity!

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