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Hello! I’m a superqueer in all the ways, anti-racist white/assimilated Métis, disabled multi-genre writer, mixed-media artist, designer, community organizer/facilitator, Buddhist chaplain and practitioner, and prolific reader of books. To keep things simple, I tend to just call myself a polymath because it’s heckin’ easier than the run-on sentence that opened this paragraph.

Writing has always been my first and strongest joy, and something I’ve been doing since before I could spell. With this blog space, I bring together my collected work from around the Interwebs as a multi-genre writer who has been keeping a blog in one form or another since 1999. It’s also where I can express myself more freely than I’ve been able to on other platforms—which is to say, without fear of getting doxxed and harassed by Angry White Cis Men.

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Too often, online spaces encourage conflict in order to get eyeballs on screens so they can sell advertising space and turn a ridiculous profit. This model makes it near impossible to make a living as a writer, and it also encourages animosity and a lot of shitty behaviour. By subscribing to my blog, you are directly contributing to my livelihood and career, rather than lining the pockets of some already ultra-wealthy executive or stakeholder.

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Multi-genre writer, mixed-media artist, designer, Buddhist chaplain, philosopher, community organizer—Theories as to how Kait has amassed so many talents include, but are not limited to, time travel and clones.